awesome luxury cars with amazing technology

Awesome Luxury Cars with Amazing Technology

Many major auto manufacturers are expecting to release self-driving cars by 2020. Even though there are no autonomous vehicles for commercial use at this moment, they have managed to introduce some amazing technology that has made the roads safer.

For instance, brands like Mercedes Benz have been incorporating driver drowsiness detection systems into their vehicles for some time. Honda has recently unveiled a new object detection system, which uses Dedicated Short Range Communications technology to detect pedestrians or cyclists under dangerous circumstances. Besides these features, park assist, stability control, and lane departure warnings have been included in some of the most recent models as well.

Here are the top four luxury cars with mind-blowing technology that will reshape the way people drive cars.

BMW i8: The Future is Now

Photo by Raphael Desrosiers / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Photo by Raphael Desrosiers / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The latest BMW i8 is a lightweight plug-in hybrid with a muscle car stance. The twin-kidney grill, forward-leaning “shark nose”, and butterfly-styled doors provide a dramatic appearance. Many of these features are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For instance, the sculptured tail lamps don’t just look amazing, they also improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Besides exterior design, the car’s state-of-the-art technology makes it one of the most revolutionary cars introduced in decades. The LifeDrive architecture makes it nimble on the road. The use of carbon and its low center of gravity 50:50 axle distribution provide the ideal basis for sports car handling.

The most unique aspect of the LifeDrive design is the aluminum crafted Drive module, which includes the gas engine, electric motor, lithium-ion battery, and other electric parts. The hybrid drive train consists of a 231 horsepower turbo-charged 1.5 liter, three-cylinder engine and a 131 horsepower electric motor. The gas burning engine powers the rear wheels with a six-speed transmission. The electric motor controls the front wheels with a two-stage automatic gearbox. With both engines, the i8 is rated at a combined 362 horsepower. Thanks to the quick charging technology, it is possible to power the battery in 3.5 hours with a 110-volt outlet or 1.5 hours with a 220-volt charger.

The Life module is crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and consists of a 2+2 passenger compartment.

A variety of modes delivers an exciting driving experience. Comfort mode makes the most of the electronic engine. Eco Pro mode is more efficient and combines both battery and combustion power. Sport mode provides an alternative to the “D” setting with manual gear shifting, and the electric motor shines with its boost function. To make sure there’s always enough energy available, this setting maximizes brake energy regeneration.

The leather-filled interior matches the stylish exterior and exceeds luxury standards with the futuristic appeal. All the controls are simple to locate, and the digital screen makes the gauges easy to read.

The front seats provide adequate leg room, and the modest backseat comfortably accommodates two adults.

The BMW i8 has a lightweight design that looks amazing, but it is also useable as an everyday drive. Its dual personality provides both efficiency and powerful sport driving.

Mercedes Benz S550: Intelligent Drive Tech

Photo by Tokumeigakarinoaoshima on Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo by Tokumeigakarinoaoshima on Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Mercedes Benz is best known for luxury and performance, and the brand’s vehicles also come packed with some of the most advanced tech features out there. At this moment, they offer one of the most autonomous cars currently available on the market.

The best characteristic of the 2015 Mercedes Benz S550 is the Intelligent Drive tech, which improves safety and helps drivers avoid crashes.

Two of the most prominent features, cross-traffic assist and lane keeping assistant, utilize a mixture of radar arrays, sensors, cameras, and physical driver signals to prevent accidents.

Cross-traffic assist includes two windshield mounted cameras that read movements at intersections so that additional brake pressure can be applied to avoid hitting another object or being. Lane keeping assistant prevents the vehicle from veering out of lines on the road.

The star of the system is selective braking. This unique feature has the ability to activate only one wheel brake or a pair on one side of the automobile, which helps complete a stop or direct the car into a proper position.

Another safety feature that can be found in the S550 is the attention assist, which keeps an eye out for drivers who are tired or distracted. Although it does not automatically shift the vehicle, it sends out a warning when the driver removes his or her hands from the wheel for over 10 seconds so that the car can be steered correctly.

The Magic Body Control suspension system includes a curve tilting function that leans the car into bends like a motorcycle. This provides ultimate comfort to passengers.

The interior is packed with gadgets like the large LCD instrument panel, updated voice command, app integration, and luxuries like the in-seat massagers. Everything is easy to read, and the entire design makes it simple to navigate the roads.

Under the hood, the S550 has a 4.6 liter V8 engine with direct injection and twin turbos. The drive modes are either Eco or Sport. With one button, the driver adjusts the suspension for maximum comfort. The idle stop function reduces fuel consumption and emissions during stationary periods. Overall, the car responds like a dream.

Mercedes Benz is known for its fabulous drivability. Thanks to the Intelligent Drive system, the brand has successfully added to its safety and increased its appeal to tech-savvy drivers.

Audi RS7 Quattro: Audi Drive Select system

Photo by Wheels ON / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Photo by Wheels ON / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The 2015 Audi RS7 Quattro is an all-wheel drive, four-door vehicle with a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine, which produces 560 horsepower. An eight-speed Tiptronic transmission provides the performance of a manual shifter in an automatic form so that a driver has control over gear selection without having an actual clutch.

The unique Drive Select system helps the car adjust to a specific type of driving. An onscreen menu allows the driver to choose Dynamic, Comfort, or an automatic setting.

These change the engine output, transmission, suspension, and exhaust. At the Soft setting, the suspension is firm. The Comfort setting is lighter and better suited for longer trips. The Dynamic setting increases the engine’s pep, and once it’s activated, the exhaust begins to growl.

No matter where the Audi RS7 drives, the performance is outstanding. To save fuel, the cylinder deactivation technology is ideal.

Depending on input, it shuts intake valves of particular cylinders. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, the engine uses less power and consumes less fuel.

The new NVIDIA infotainment system brings an unprecedented level of integration into the vehicle, which enables usage of Google Earth and real time traffic information.

Also, safety is a top priority. The 2015 RS7 includes side assist, pre-sense rear, and an optional Innovation package with HUD display and night vision assist.

Thanks to the Audi Drive Select system, the driver can customize their driving style like never before. The car grips the road like a pro but remains comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Range Rover Sport SDV6: All Terrain Progress Control

The Land Rover brand is known for its high-end utility vehicles. It attracts upper class individuals looking for comfort and function with a host of bonus features. Since it offers luxury, great performance and innovative technology in every vehicle, it is a great pick. Off-road enthusiasts will be happy to learn that many models and their Sport versions are receiving new updates.

The latest Range Rover Sport SDV6 will be first to debut All Terrain Progress Control and a Heads-Up display.

The All Terrain Progress Control lets the driver select a speed without the need for pedal input after the brake is released. The system adjusts to maximize traction. In other words, it is an off-road autopilot similar to the adaptive cruise control option, but made to specifically conquer the off-road wilderness.

Another new feature after March 2015 is the HUD display.

This projects important information onto the windscreen, which allows a driver to obtain data without taking his or her eyes off the road. It displays speed, gear position, cruise control info, navigation instructions, and Traffic-Sign Recognition.

Land Rover also stated that there will also be other technological enhancements, which will include two new 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engines.

These calibrations increase performance and fuel efficiency. The ATPC, HUD display, and motor updates are groundbreaking advancements that keep Land Rover one of the top car brands. It is a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication toward innovation, safety and performance.

Everyday technological advancements have made automobiles more autonomous, which has reshaped the way the world drives. Safety, comfort and performance features have become interconnected and make an overall travel experience more exciting. All of these innovations are just a taste of what the auto industry has in store for us in the near future.

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